About The Creamery

Cows have been grazing here in Knoxville, Maryland for over 20 years. We are a small grass-fed only organic dairy farm setting out on a new adventure to put the purest dairy products on the market.We would love to show you around the farm and tell you our story in depth. Until then here is a little bit about our standards and ethics.


  • Certified 100% Grass-fed

  • All A2 tested Cows

  • Certified Organic



Whole Milk, Chocolate Milk,Maple Milk and Super Premium ice cream. 


 Processing Standards:

  • Small batch low heat pasteurization

  • Quick chilling of milk to preserve taste and shelf life.

  • Short time delivery from processing to distribution

Ingredient Standards:

  • Organic and Non Gmo

  • Integrity Sourced

  • On farm or Local whenever possible

  • Simple and Minimal

Product Packaging​:

Whole milk, Chocolate milk and Maple milk are available in Glass 64 oz Half gallon bottles

Glass 32 oz Quart bottles

Plastic Single Serve 16 oz Pint bottles

Ice Cream is available in 64 oz Half Gallons and 16 oz Pints


Our Story